Monday, 17 October 2011

Christo and Jean-Claude, 40 Years - 12 Exhibitions

Running Fence, 1975

Wrapped Reichstag, 1995

This major collection of the artists' work spanning 40 year, as the title of the exhibition suggests. It is focussed more on the preparatory, conceptual and background work produced by the artists' to sell and fund their hugely ambitious projects. The show is made up of models, collages, drawings and skectches cataloguing some of their  key projects; such as Wrapped Reichstag, Over the River, and also the remarkable Mastaba project. The collages are beautifully composed of sketches, maps, photographs and material samples. Deeply engaging, the pieces of work bring these projects to life and are highly inspiring. Well worth a visit!

The show is running at the Annely Juda Gallery, London until October 22. 

Phyllida Barlow, RIG

Peter Mallet

This is a very exciting and surprising exhibition at the Hauser & Wirth Gallery, London. I was instantly struck by the unnerving impact of the huge blocks perched precariously and ominously on spindly timbers. There is a beautiful spacial quality as the visitors weave their way through the forest of timbers. The exhibition continues in various, beautiful spaces of the former bank. Each room you enter is a surprise; especially one exhibit hidden away in the roof space of the building.

RIG will be at the Hauser & Wirth Gallery until October 22nd.